Keeping up with Killjoy: weekly Valorant recap

This was a big week for the EU region of Valorant, as they claim their first LAN Masters event and dethrone Sentinels.

We also have a new patch to go over, so let's jump right into what you missed.

Gambit win Masters 3

The Masters 3 Playoffs began and ended last week, with the top teams in the world battling for prize money, the trophy, and positioning at the end-of-year Champions tournament.

After three days of a single-elimination bracket, Gambit swept Envy 3-0 to take home the victory. Surprisingly, there were only two games in the whole event that weren't sweeps, including Sentinels' 0-2 loss to Envy in the first round.

Vision Strikers, the Korean hopefuls, fell short to the eventual champs, but took a map off of them and showed that they belong on the big stage. I can't wait to see how all of these teams bounce back in Champion's.

Jett finally gets a nerf

In the 3.06 patch, KAY/O got a much-needed buff while Skye got a slight nerf after her previous buff that allowed her to flash herself into a site.

The most interesting balance changes came for Jett, which players have been requesting for a long time.

Jett now only has two smokes instead of three and her Bladestorm right-click got a huge hit. Not only was the damage multiplier changed (more of a balance than a nerf), but here right-click no longer recharges her ultimate.

This is huge news for Jett mains, but not enough to pull her out of the meta - especially at the highly-accurate professional level.

Jett is still the best Opper in Valorant, and that hasn't changed at all. Now, her ultimate is a bit less noob-friendly and she doesn't have as many smokes. This might not be the last nerf we see Jett receive.

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Changes to wall-bang plant spots

Also included in the patch were changes to default plant spots on Haven, Fracture, Icebox, Bind, and Ascent.

Icebox's B, Fracture's B, and Haven's C got their default spots changed while Ascent and Bind saw their alternative plant spots adjusted.

I don't know whether or not I like this change. I think I do, but only time will tell.

The most significant change is, in my opinion, B default on Icebox. This could have ripple effects on the professional meta, where teams may opt to move away from Sage - who traditionally prevented the wall-bang at this location.

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