Keeping up with Killjoy: weekly Valorant recap

Another week, more Valorant news.

We saw some VCT Masters action, a new season, a new map, and more.

Here's everything you missed from the week in Valorant.

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Masters 3 Group Stage

The Group Stage for Masters 3 chugs along, with some early qualifiers like 100 Thieves already making it through.

So far, most of the matchups have been predictable, with the exception of the Acend vs Vision Strikers game that's ongoing at the time of writing.

Most of the EMEA and NA teams have gotten through the other regions, with NA beating EMEA thus far.

At the time of writing, Envy and 100 Thieves are the only teams qualified for the next round, with Vision Strikers, Gambit, Acend, and Sentinels looking to join them soon.

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New Episode Released

We also saw a new episode go live this week, which included a new map: Fracture.

The patch notes didn't change too much for the meta. Raze got another nerf and Jett remained unchanged - both surprising adjustments.

Apart from that, the only significant change leveled the playing field between some utility. Now, all AOE abilities now destroy KJ and Cypher utility.

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New Episode Released

A new Episode means new cosmetics have been added to Valorant.

More interesting, however, was the Valorant X Zedd Spectrum skin bundle - Valorant's first official crossover skins.

This will almost certainly be the first in a long line of skins for Valorant. I expect to see them collaborate with streamers, pro teams, and other celebrity fans in the future.