This week was pretty slow in terms of news, mostly due to the fact that the team took some time off.

We didn’t get a patch this week, and the pro scene took a week off to prepare for the playoffs, which start on August 11 and 12 for NA and EMEA.

We did have some roster shuffling and preparation for the playoffs, however. Let’s take a look at what you may have missed.

Riot Games

Challengers 3 playoffs incoming

The biggest news of the week is something that hasn’t even happened yet: Masters 3 Playoffs.

NA will begin on the 11 and EMEA on the 12. The top three teams from NA and top four from EMEA will make it to the Masters 3 LAN event in Berlin.

Here are the initial brackets for NA and EMEA:



Roster news

With several top teams already out of Masters 3, we have qutie a bit of movement in all of the major regions.

Some of the highlights from this week’s pro news includes:

  • FPX recruiting a Chinese roster
  • Team Envy  signs yay
  • LoWkii leaves Vitality
  • JcStani leaves Andbox
  • TSM to form an academy roster

Riot Games

Valorant Mobile clone

Riot have said that they’re working on a version of Valorant for mobile, but another company already beat them to the punch.

Project M was in the news this week. The game looks nearly identical to Valorant – abilities and all.

We see bomb plants, a Sage wall, Brimstone smokes, and characters that look an aqful lot like Viper and Omen.

This game probably won’t do too much to the market, but the beta is out now if you want to try it.