Keeping up with Dotes: WePlay arranges charter flight for CN teams and more

We are back with our weekly dose of “Keeping up with Dotes”, and this week brings a heart warming news of the efforts put in by WePlay Esports for the upcoming AniMajor.

WePlay Esports setting major goals for AniMajor. TO’s be on the lookout, a behemoth is on the rise!

Chinese teams were on the brink of not being able to attend the AniMajor starting June 2, 2021 due to sudden policy changes in the European countries related to flying.

Apparently, Chinese teams had return flight tickets attached to their visa applications, a necessity for any foreign netizen to obtain a visa.

However due to the recent changes in the European airspace, these tickets were voided and as a solution, WePlay chartered a private flight for them.

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The fun has already begun

As you can see, the build-up to the AniMajor is in full swing. Fun, fun and more fun!

NAVI make changes to their Dota 2 roster

Natus Vincere has made changes to their Dota 2 roster, after their abysmal showing in DPC S2 EEU and failing to qualify for the WePlay AniMajor.

Sonneiko makes a return along with Noone from ASM.Gambit as they eye towards qualifying for TI10 through the qualifiers.

That’s it for this week folks, see you all next week!

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