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Keeping up with Dotes: PSG.LGD on FIRE!

Keeping up with Dotes is back and this week we bring you a couple of news. Let's hop right into it!

PSG.LGD win OGA Dota PIT Invitationals S5

PSG.LGD are on fire as they convincingly beat Team Spirit in the grand final of the OGA Dota PIT Invitationals S5 with a score of 3:1 albeit with a stand-in.

Definitely one of the favourites going into TI10.

7.30c Gameplay Update released

Another mini-patch has been shipped to the Dota 2 client with some important changes taking place.

Major Highlights: Patch 7.30c

For your convenience, we highlight the most important changes in the latest 7.30c gameplay update. Take a look!