Another weekly dose of “Keeping up with Dotes” and this time it is good news all around the board, for some!

A gift from Jaxon to us!

Starting with the best news, Jaxon and his minion KarY interviewed MLP, the up and coming commentator in Dota. Besides having an amazing personality, he gave us great insight in his work, Dota overall and TI10!

“I would have to give it everything I got and invest all my time into it!”
MLP in the Jaxon interview


Obviously the most important news is out of the way, we can talk about less relevant events. In this case, two teams in the nickel of time were able to qualify for TI 10.

Team Undying made it look easy! Without losing a single map over the duration of the North American Qualifier, they secured themselves one of the last few spots to TI10. A truly monstrous performance might give them the momentum they were looking for!

What a brawl!

The Asian Qualifier has come to an end as well and in this case, we got treated like royalty. The matches before the final were already quite exciting but nothing prepared us for the final Bo5. We got to see 2 teams battling it out to the very end, but after all, was said and done, only Fnatic was able to qualify to TI10. An incredible show of determination, resilience and dedication by this squad.

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