Keeping up with Dotes: Drama ensues with Alliance in focus

We are back with our weekly series to keep you entertained and boy has it been a week full of surprises, and filled with intense dra .. wait for it .. ma. Let’s dive straight into the abyss, shall we?

Alliance wrongfully accused of cheating in the DPC (?)

The almighty “?” in the headline has been reserved for our lovely readers to determine whether or not the punctuation is apt — similar to a sharp double-edged sword.

To the uninitiated, Alliance, after enlisting the coaching services of Peter “PPD” Dager, were found in an awkward situation where the latter was caught communicating with the team throughout their official DPC matches.

The team was called out on social media for cheating and abusing the rules, only to later find out that ESL and DreamHack updated their rules for the DPC and communicated the same to all teams via email.

As it turns out, Alliance were the only team to diligently go through the rules as compared to other teams. Talk about due diligence, eh? Since the explosion, ESL and DreamHack has reversed the rule, and Alliance has been absolved of any wrongdoing.

Although, it couldn’t stop the others; pro players and community alike, from eliciting a response.

Moving on ..

Bring forth the Supporters Club!

Valve introduced Supporters Clubs, a new way for fans to support their favorite teams by purchasing bundles of badges and seasonal equippables in its latest patch. Now you can support your favourite team by purchasing the .. uhm .. pricey bundles.

If you’re wealthy and want the rich to get richer, [cough Gaben cough], then it’s a perfect match for you.

Nonetheless, the amount of efforts put in by teams to bring these bundles to fruition is exemplary and does bring a smile to your face. Let’s take a look!

Throwback time, see for yourself

One of those rare moments where Matumbaman ran out of time and had a random Lycan pick only to be praised the helluva lot from BSJ!

See you again next week!

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