Keeping up with Dotes: Drama, drama and more drama!

We are back with our weekly dose of “Keeping up with Dotes”, and this week brings a lot of drama to the fore.

Midormeepo and Ceb in an intense Twitter war.

Popular social media handler for Team Secret and beloved Dota 2 personality, Midormeepo, lifted the curtains on Sébastien “Ceb” Debs’ scathing attack on the former via Twitter DM’s.

The reveal largely left the community aghast with the unbecoming behaviour from two-times TI champ and co-founder of OG. Going back in time, Ceb has been well-known for his toxic behaviour and has often been termed as a bully.

Needless to say, large part of the community and talents have come to the backing of Midormeepo.

Not cool Ceb!

OG and Elephant to go through qualifiers for TI10.

Defending TI Champions, OG, and the Chinese powerhouse, Elephant, will have to go through the qualifiers in an attempt to qualify for TI10 after failing to secure a spot in the Major in both DPC seasons.

NoPing in hot soup over their “GG” call

NoPing esports, after securing a spot for the AniMajor via DPC S2 South America, displayed unsportsmanlike behaviour after apparent “rage quit” and early “GG” call in their series against Beastcoast.

See you folks next week! Until then, take care and stay safe.

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