HUNDEN returns

Keeping up with Counter-Strike

HUNDEN returns to coach for Heroic

In a move that everyone saw coming, but no one can find common ground on, HUNDEN returns to his old Head Coach role as his ESIC ban expires on May 1. The announcement of his return was teased with several billboards in Copenhagen during the week. HUNDEN will be free to return to action in most tournaments, except for Valve Majors, from which he is banned for five events.

Elisa, Relog Media, and FunSpark join forces for a new $2.7 million circuit

The three tournament organizers and GRID esports have come together with the goal of "paving a way towards a new tier 1 event for the global esports fans". The new tournament tour for 2021-2022 will consist of online and LAN stages, where teams collect points to qualify for the grand event, Elisa Champion of Champions.

fer is back

The ever-aggressive, Major-winning Brazilian makes his return with Imperial. Though the 29-year-old will only join on a stand-in basis, replacing Guilherme "piriaz1n" Barbosa as the team investigates a VAC-ban account potentially owned by him. We'll admit, it's not quite the comeback we were hoping for fergod, but stand-in or not, having him back in action sparks some excitement in us.