Credit: Eternal Fire

Keeping up with Counter-Strike: What happened last week?

Fnatic add keita, finalize roster

Photo: DreamHack

Let's hope this is the last time for a while we mention a roster move from Fnatic in this recap. After rebuilding the roster over the past months, they have now added the final piece to the roster. Jamie "keita" Hall completes the British invasion in the previously fully Swedish roster. 

Movistar go Spanish, cut Smooya

Photo: ESL

Movistar Riders returned to its roots with a fully Spanish roster. The telecom-backed team added three Spanish players, moving smooya to the bench in the process. The British AWPer will have to take a forced break from competition for the next couple of months, as his removal was too close to the ESEA roster locks to find him a new home.

Turkish superteam unveiled

Photo: Eternal Fire

The rumours were true after all. Eternal Fire, e newly created organization, unveiled the "Turkish Superteam". The players are co-owners of the team and are still looking for ways to fund their activities.