Fnatic bench JW, to go international

Fnatic announced the removal of Jesper “JW” Wecksell from their starting lineup. The team announced a new direction for the roster in the process: signing non-Swedish players.

Valve announces $1 million skin contest

Skins are a big money business in CS:GO. So big, that Valve announced a workshop contest with a $1 million prize pool for the upcoming ‘Dreams & Nightmares” collection.

Complexity replace rush with es3tag

After a disappointing run of tournaments, Complexity has replaced rush with es3tag. This move means that the last NA player on the team in now gone. The team also announced peacemaker as its new coach.

Astralis extend gla1ve contract, sign Lucky

Astralis has secured the service of its in-game leader gla1ve for the next three years. With dupreeh, xyp9x and magisk only having a couple of months left on their contract, Astralis will most likely build a new roster arround gla1ve. With the addition of young AWPer Lucky, the first step towards Astralis 2.0 has been taken.

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