Keeping up with Counter-Strike

Do you smell that? That's the delightful scent of LANs returning! Here's everything you need to know from the past week of Counter-Strike.

Gambit continue their reign

The world's #1 delivered top-class Counter-Strike in the IEM Summer 2021 playoffs. The CIS squad didn't drop a single map from their quarter-final against EG to the winning moment of the BO5 grand final against OG.

Ax1Le was the stand-out player, pulling off multi-kills and clutches round after round.

Return of the LAN

Earlier this week, BLAST announced the return to LAN for their Premier Fall Final series. The event will take place in the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, which also hosted the first-ever BLAST Pro Series.

We can't wait to get back to LAN!

More BLAST? Now!?

That's right. Right now, the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2021 is well underway. EG and FaZe were the first teams to drop out following defeats in their initial two matches.

The upper-bracket final offers a CIS showdown between Gambit and Na'Vi, while BIG, NIP, Complexity, and G2 will have to fight their way through the lower bracket.