Rpk retires from pro play

Photo: ESL

Let’s all take a bow for the career rpk has had. The French legend hangs up his mouse and keyboard for the second time, now for good. After spending the past few months on Vittality’s bench, he is now stepping away from gaming, focussing on a new car business. GLHF Cedric!

O Plano sign with 00Nation

Photo: 00Nation

Will we see a Brazillian team return to the absolute pinnacle of Counter-Strike? Hard to say, but one of the candidates to do so has finally secured backing from an organization. O Plano inked deals with a newly created organization called… 00Nation? Not too sure about the name, but I’ll be happily proven wrong.

The HUNDEN case re-opens

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The HUNDEN case. Where to start. Over the past week, we’ve seen so many new developments, it’s hard to keep track. If you’re lost as to what exactly is going on, read our overview here.

Gla1ve to miss Blast Fall

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We’ll end this recap with some positive news. Gla1ve will be missing the first stage of BLAST Fall as he is set to become a father. Xyp9x will be his replacement. The only real question we have: when will Astralis sign Rossander junior as their new sixth player?