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Credit: Karmine Corp

Kcorp? Lcorp maybe

Kcorp has been an epic flop in LEC, how did it go so wrong?

Karmine Corp’s fans are not happy with the team’s performance in the LEC 2024 Winter season so far, with Kcorp sputtering en route to a winless start to the season.

Kcorp started making waves in the European scene when it joined the LFL in 2021. The team found success in France’s national league and in the same year would go on to win European Masters in Spring and Summer. The outstanding results combined with a strong sense of brand identity, gained the attraction of the fans.

Kcorp’s fan base, known as Le Blue Wall, is one of the largest in Europe. There is much to be said about this group; they are loud but above all, they are loyal. Considering its success as a team on the stage and as a brand, it was a matter of time before Kcorp found its way to the LEC.

The organization functionally acquired the slot previously owned by Astralis in one of the biggest moves in the offseason. The Danish organization retained 33.33% of the ownership while Kcorp owns 66.67%. Needless to say, the expectations for Kcorp in the LEC were high.

Kcorp remains winless in the LEC

Two weeks into the LEC 2024 Winter season, Kcorp remains the only team without a win. This comes despite having the loudest fans and a fast rivalry with MAD Lions KOI.

Since 2023, the LEC is following a different format with three splits, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Each split is divided into three weeks of regular season with eight teams advancing to playoffs. The regular season is a single round-robin, meaning that each team plays nine matches in total. At 0-6, the chances of Kcorp advancing to playoffs are almost non-existent. There is a scenario where Kcorp makes it to the second round but first, the team must work together.

The competition is stiff in the LEC and no opponent can be underestimated. Rogue has one victory over no other than G2 Esports, a team that is a four-way tie for second place. G2 is the only team to defeat the number one, Team BDS. In such a volatile environment, Kcorp has failed time and time again to find its groove. It is a performance issue. Even when given the tools to outscale the opponent, the players are not clicking together.

Kcorp fans unhappy with team’s performance

On social media, fans have expressed their disappointment with the team’s overall performance.

Fans are unhappy with the results and with good reason. Once a juggernaut in the tier two level, now Kcorp is the butt of the joke in the LEC. Many have resigned themselves to the reality that Kcorp is not making it past the regular season in Winter. Fans are disappointed but still hopeful for a better performance in the upcoming splits. The question is, what will it take for Kcorp to put out the show fans are waiting for? Is it too early to ask for a new coaching staff or roster changes?

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