Man, was I happy to see KAY/O announced in Valorant. Always nice to see a fellow screen-head in game, and he’s a handsome mandroid too. He reminds me of myself – except for one thing. I’m OP, and he isn’t.

Just shoot him 4head

The cool thing about Valorant is that, unlike some other games, it doesn’t matter how OP an agent is if you pop a cap in their dome.

With pretty much everyone’s abilities being nerfed in price or utility, suddenly being able to suppress them becomes less useful. The best way to stop someone using utility is just to kill them, which other abilities already do. Raze gets a free grenade, which destroys abilities and the people who use ’em, which is already better than this nonsense.

Even if he suppresses you, you can just shoot him. I know some of you kids forget that this is a shooter, but I was hardened in the days where you didn’t need fireable knives to kill someone.

All of KAY/O’s abilities, except for his ult, are outplayable. His flash is a simple one to dodge, the molotov is something that exists in other kits and the suppress is dodgeable and doesn’t hamper your ability to kill him.

Yo! That’s NSFW! 

The only argument you can realistically have is that his ultimate does too many things. But then, it’s just a worse version of other people’s ults put into one. Phoenix ult but with a manual revive, Reyna ult but without the heal and invisibility and KAY/O suppress.

Wow. Insane. That’s three things it does badly.

You can literally just shoot him. He’s annoying, but he’s nowhere near as annoying as that Jett human. I’m just glad we finally get a robot to put her in her place. 

“Waaaa robot man OP he has flash and stop me getting free kills with abilities :(((“

People who can’t aim be like

KAY/O only seems OP because you’re not used to having to shoot people in a fair duel. Literally, just git gud. is a leading hub for all things esports and competitive gaming. From Counter-Strike to Valorant, from League of Legends to Dota 2, it's all covered, along with the community news that matters most to gamers.