Credit: KCorp / LFL

Over or under 20 minutes for Karmine Corp in 2022 summer LFL opener?

The winners of the 2022 European Masters’ spring split, Karmine Corp, seek to pick up where they left off (in top form) when they face struggling and dispirited Team Oplon in a massively lopsided contest in the opening round of the LFL’s summer split.

Rekklesly charging forward

Karmine Corp have one of the world’s best bot laners in Rekkles on their side. His level has been stellar: during the LFL spring split of 2022, Rekkles managed returns of 4.67 kills, 1.44 deaths and 5.56 assists (7.08 KDA ratio) and a creep score of 332.06.

By contrast, these are Team Oplon’s bot laner numbers from the spring split: 2.1 kills, 2.7 deaths and 3 assists (1.89 KDAR) and a creep score of 314.5. Unsurprisingly, they finished at the bottom of the table.

Mismatch beyond the bot lane

Cabochard was also sensational in the spring split up top, putting up stellar numbers of 3.89 kills, 2.33 deaths and 5.28 assists (3.93 KDAR) with a creep score of 294.39. His Team Oplon counterpart, Darlik, produced some subpar numbers: 1.33 kills, 3.83 deaths and 3.83 assists (1.35 KDAR).

That same extrapolation can be done for the summer season as well. Karmine Corp are at the top of their form, whereas Oplon have neither form nor momentum.

It feels, at least on paper, that this might be Goliath pummelling David into the ground. That said, if that doesn’t happen, then this could be an upset for the ages. But let’s be honest, it’s only a matter of how fast Karmine Corp get on the board.