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Karmine Corp’s CEO reveals they fired Shanky due to sexual harassment

  • Karmine Corp fired Rayane “Shanky” Kheroua after they received “over 10” sexual misconduct allegations
  • Shanky could have spoken but did not, letting rumors take hold, until his friend posted a Twitlonger
  • CEO Kamel “Kameto” Kebir could not disclose more information in his rebuttal for legal reasons

Karmine Corp’s co-owner and CEO, Kamel “Kameto“ Kebir, has revealed why his organization’s former Sports Director, Rayane “Shanky” Kheroua, was suddenly fired on July 30, 2021.

After Shanky’s friend broke the silence via Twitlonger, their omission of crucial details spurred Kameto to reveal more details around the firing, which happened after a KCorp offline event.

Both sides agree that Shanky’s firing has to do with allegations that Shanky had sexually harassed women, and that they did not file a lawsuit. From there, first-hand (and second-hand) accounts diverge.


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Shanky’s friend attempts rescue, throws shade at Karmine Corp

Ayoub “NoahQol,” one of Shanky’s friends—who the latter helped launch a clothing line—unloaded the mother of all Twitlongers (in French) to state the following:

  • The victims, 10 women, did not file a lawsuit
  • Noah alleges that KCorp did not “thoroughly investigate” the situation
  • The firing had catastrophic repercussions on Shanky’s reputation and personal life as “he hit rock bottom”
  • Shanky was about to acquire shares from KCorp before his sudden firing
  • KCorp’s lawyer went on vacation and was unreachable for three weeks as Shanky’s side attempted to reach her for more information
  • Team Vitality had previously fired Shanky for non-work related reasons, and Noah alleged that there was no way that KCorp were ignorant of the facts
  • KCorp did not address the situation publicly and might have started rumors

All in all, Noah’s angle calls the “brotherhood” aspect under question: is a firing without explanation the thanks Shanky gets for assembling the lineup that dominated the LFL, and for laying the groundwork for KCorp’s success?

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Karmine Corp’s owner, Kameto, breaks silence: there’s more to the Shanky situation

Following the Twitlonger, Kameto spontaneously started a broadcast and laid the facts down. Within 30 minutes, the previously murky picture cleared up. A rough translation from French goes as follows, but extends past the following:

  • The victims, over 10 women, did not file a lawsuit out of fear, despite Kameto’s recommendation to do so
  • In previous cases in the French entertainment scene (to which KCorp broadly belongs), victims were largely harassed, even when lawsuits proved the perpetrators guilty
  • Kameto’s lawyer recommended public silence on the matter unless the victims filed lawsuits, but allowed him to disclose the reasons behind the firing to Shanky
  • As 2021 progressed, Kameto successfully rallied behind closed doors to secure 2% of the company’s shares, reversing KCorp’s initial stance
  • During the first Karmine Korp Experience (KCX) event in 2021, Kameto was doing his best to “make sure that Shanky felt loved / that he belonged” by the Blue Wall fans (and by KCorp’s ultras)
  • After KCX, victims came forward to KCorp. KCorp then proceeded to gather more information
  • After gathering more info, KCorp held a meeting with Shanky behind closed doors
  • KCorp took swift action upon hearing about the situation
  • The organization did not know about the reasons behind Shanky’s firing from Team Vitality until they fired him themselves. Furthermore, nobody had alerted them until KCX concluded.

“Just for the sake of believing that, for a two percent (2%) share of Karmine Corp, that we would make this kind of stuff up? That disgusts me.” A visibly upset Kameto said.

“It disgusts me even more for the victims. We’re not talking about one woman talking about this out of nowhere. It’s more than 10!”


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The tweet, dated July 26, 2021, features Shanky in the picture on one of the screens.

Kameto felt that he needed to shine light on the situation to set the record straight after NoahQol posted his Twitlonger. “I was always good with him,” he said. “But after KCX, we started receiving calls. And that’s where things get sore.”

Short of revealing more, Kameto then interrupted himself. “I don’t know if I have the right to say [more,”] Kameto stated. “They might stick a lawsuit on me. I can’t tell more because of that.”

The CEO revealed that KCorp remained silent because they had signed an agreement (likely a nondisclosure agreement) with Shanky about the situation, highlighting that “Shanky had the right to talk about the situation from the beginning.”

The organization did not take the decision lightly, as they went the extra mile in their investigation. During the process, they reached out to his former employers, who disclosed that they had fired him for the same reasons.

As for not addressing rumors regarding the reasons behind Shanky’s firing, he reiterated that he could not address them for legal reasons.

As the situation comes to light, one has to wonder whether that will have any impact on their chances to allegedly buy Astralis’s LEC slot. However, their willingness to remove bad actors upon discovering misconduct may paint them in a good light on that front.

Jaxon's Take

If anything, this situation reflects positively on Karmine Corp—as an organization who would rather do the right thing than chase success at all costs. More power to you, Kameto.


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