Credit: KaiCenat

To the moon

Kai Cenat hits 90,000 subscribers on Twitch

Kai Cenat has had one of the most meteoric rises to Twitch success in recent memory, recently passing xQc as the most-subscribed English-language streamer on the platform.

The milestone came at 80,000 subscribers, so Cenat had to raise his goal. After quickly blowing past 85,000 subscribers, he hit another massive milestone only three days later.

Kai Cenat now sits over 90,000 Twitch subscribers, and the undisputed number-one spot doesn’t seem too far off.

Kai Cenat making history

Although Cenat has hardly been pushed by Twitch at all during his rise on the platform, he keeps passing milestones and now has his eyes set on the number-one spot – currently held by Brazilian streamer, Casimito.

After passing 90,000 subs, Cenat lost control on-stream and screamed in excitement. We can only imagine what might – and probably will – happen when he passes Casimito for number one.

Despite being the most-subscribed English streamer, Twitch hasn’t embraced Cenat or any of the members of his community.

The easy explanation is that they aren’t “brand-friendly,” but one of Twitch’s more brand-friendly creators just got mixed up in a sexual assault coverup scandal.

The sky’s the limit for young Kai Cenat. We’ll be tuned in to see how high his sub count can go.