This article covers how to join the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE).
Credit: Riot Games

Time for a headstart

How to join the League of Legends Public Beta Environment

  • Your live account must be Honor Rank 3 or above
  • You must not have any bans or suspensions
  • From there, you can register on the official PBE registration page and install the PBE client

Trying out new champions, skins, and adjustments before they hit the League of Legends live servers can be valuable. It’s all possible through the Public Beta Environment (PBE). 

Getting signed up for the PBE is easier than ever, as Riot Games only has a few requirements that players need to fulfill. All players need is a Riot account and no current bans or restrictions. 

To open the PBE gates, a player must also be at least honor level three within League of Legends, which is the base honor rank for people who behave according to the in-game rules. From there, can download the PBE client and get rolling on the test server.

I have an account there. Now what?

Installing the PBE is as easy as installing the regular LoL client. It has the same look and design, so everything should feel familiar to current players.

Simply head to the official PBE registration page and start the sign-up process. You must click the “check my eligibility” button to start. The page will also guide you on downloading the client and ensuring that your PBE account connects directly to your main account.

Riot Games

What can you do on the LoL PBE client?

The PBE client is important because players can test new things and changes within the game before Riot unleash them on the live servers. Through PBE players’ help, Riot can listen to feedback on game balance and adjust accordingly.

On the PBE, players can play whatever champion they want and acquire skins freely. It’s essentially an account where you can unlock everything and play around with things you don’t have access to on the live servers. 

It can be an enjoyable time to test new in-game features, but please note that the PBE servers are located in Chicago, USA. Players outside the US and Canada will experience a higher ping. 

If that is no deterrent, you can try out the LoL PBE today and have fun testing all the broken and wonky parts of the game.

Jaxon's Take

I’ve seen 50 shades of “200 years of game balance” in the PBE, and those changes never made it live. Don’t consider any changes as permanent.


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