Jinx 1

Jinx being strong proves that mobility isn’t the be all and end all

Blah blah blah.

That’s all I hear from you silver Reddit and Twitter analysts. You’ve spent the last few years telling me that you can’t play immobile carries nowadays, and Kog’Maw can’t be picked ’cause he’s going to get dove over and over again.

You can only play him with Lulu, supposedly, because he’s squishy and has no escape.

Just like Jinx.

Oh my god, is that Jinx otherwise known as Powder from the hit show Arcane?

I love Arcane BatChest

What gives?

Aphelios, Varus, Caitlyn, Jinx. Those are probably the four ADCs that everyone wants right now, except maybe Ezreal and Zeri. But I’m going to ignore them for the benefit of my own argument. It’s my article, after all.

All four, just a year or two ago, we were told had been left behind by the changing face of League of Legends. That Xayah and Kai’sa will always be better because they’re mobile and can survive dives, can pair with aggressive supports and other copes you guys tell yourself.

Now we see Jinx and Leona botlanes and all of a sudden being immobile is not only possible to get around, but advantageous. No longer do junglers just gank and kill immobile carries, apparently.

Did all those hyper mobile assassins, bruisers, junglers and supports just stop being strong all at once? Or are metas cyclical and you guys overreacted, suggesting that Xayah would have to be meta until the end of dawn?

Sisters, right? You can’t live with them, can’t stuff them back into the meta with me.

Jinx in Arcane. Probably

Maybe I’m the one overreacting to a couple of Reddit comments, after all.

But it’s not too dissimilar to when people suggests tanks are completely unplayable, which is nowhere close to true. Are they not blind-pickable? For the most part, yes. Gragas still can be. Are they still super strong into certain comps?

Oh, hell yeah. Malphite is still auto-win (unless you’re FakeGod) into the Zilean/Twisted Fate solo AP comps. Sion if you can get him through lane is still a huge problem. Maokai is stilhahaha I almost got you there, didn’t I?

Yeah, Maokai sucks. Just like Kai’sa, which is weird, given it wasn’t her damage that made her OP, but her mobility and self-peel.

You can make anything meta with good enough damage, a solid item change or just watching a good player play it. If you haven’t learnt from Tryndamere being a pro play pick, it’s time you open your eyes.

Immobile carries are meta, despite the fact we were told the game had passed Jinx by.

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