Earlier this week, a streamer by the name of Kimmikka_ made the odd decision to have sex while streaming on Twitch.

Naturally, she caught a ban as a clip circulated online. Although you couldn’t see anything explicit, there was a pretty obvious window reflection that showed what was going on.

The surprising news is that Kimmikka_ confirmed that she only got a seven-day ban. JiDion, who is currently serving a permanent ban for his Pokimane trolling, didn’t take too kindly to this perceived double standard.

JiDion released several Tweets, calling Twitch racist and sexist.

Although JiDion’s ban was relatively understandable at the time, he’s since met and apologized to Pokimane – mending the bridge and showing his remorse.

Obviously, JiDion made a dumb mistake – but so did Kimmikka_. This isn’t the first time that Twitch appears to play favorites with their ban duration.

After his tweets, JiDion posted a nine-minute YouTube video on his main channel, covering his thoughts in-depth. He referenced a few different examples of Twitch playing favorites – especially when it comes to women on the platform.

After the backlash, we could see Twitch expand the length of Kimmikka’s ban to help save face. For now, they’re hearing it from JiDion’s avid fans.

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