Jett IS broken, but don’t let that distract you from Sova

I HATE Jett, but not as much as I hate Sova.

I’m biased, and you’re going to have to deal with that. That’s your problem now, not mine.

Jett breaks the game in so many ways, and for an Agent who has no basic abilities that do damage or disrupt enemies to be the most dominant pro play pick really says a lot about how game-warping she is.


BUT. But but but – Sova is clinging on in 2nd place as the 2nd most picked Agent at the top level even after several changes. That is astounding, and really speaks to how disgustingly overpowered he was for so long.

Information is king in FPS games. That’s why Skye’s flashes are so strong, and it’s why Cypher was so strong previously. Knowing who is where is so absurdly powerful that wallhacking is essentially a free win in any other FPS game. 

Sova gives your whole team wallhacks every 45 seconds on a free ability.

“Nerf Jett”

Jett is disgusting, and combined with Sova is an almost unstoppable entry force. She creates so much space as an entry fragger and is untradeable in late round situations, as well as making the Op completely unusable for anyone else.

She’s also somewhat overrated.

While she breaks the game, it’s so clear that when she goes off and it feels so good carrying on Jett that you don’t necessarily see the downsides. She hasn’t been nerfed yet, and it’s just kind of accepted that she’s the best duelist. When she gets nerfed, we’ll see how good Jett’s kit really is.

Sova, on the other hand, has been nerfed, and his kit is still so extraordinarily overbearing that he’s still one of – if not the best – Agents in the game.

I hate this guy,

In fact, a large part of why Jett is so good is that she’s mobile enough to get away from Sova, and has smokes to drop on the dart. If you know where Jett is, you still have to peek an Op and then she re-adjusts anyway. Other agents can’t counter Sova, so they aren’t as good.

Literally. Jett is only so overpowered because Sova is so overreaching.

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