Jaxon’s top Fortnite pros of 2021 (EU/NA)

It was a big year for competitive Fortnite - possibly the biggest since the early World Cup era.

The competitive side of the game is in an excellent position, and 2021 allowed some of the top players to shine.

Here are our picks for the best players in each of the three major regions, NA-East, NA-West, and EU.

Epic Games

EU player of the year: TaySon

TaySon cemented himself as one of - if not the - best players in the entire world. It's tough to crown him without a LAN event, but he's got the resume for it.

In 2021 alone, TaySon has been in the top three or won:

  • JBL Quantum Cup
  • Frosty Frenzy
  • FNCS All-Star Showdown (solo)
  • Grefg's Cup
  • Gamers Assembly 2021
  • DreamHack Open April
  • FNCS C2S6
  • FNCS Grand Royale
  • 9 Cash Cups wins

NA-East player of the year: Bugha

There were a lot of standout performers in NA-East this year.

New trios rose to the top and established players cementing themselves as legends in the game.

Bugha has long been the victim of "fell off" comments since his World Cup win, but he silenced the haters this year.

The World Cup champion was the super team hunter, teaming up with Clix and Bizzle early in the year before finding success with Mero, Muz, and Dukez.

Bugha has now won the last two competitive events for NA-East. He and Mero are the duo to beat if they choose to stay together.

Epic Games

NA-West player of the year: Reet

There were fewer standout players to choose from in NA-West, but most of them were on only two or three teams.

Reet dominated the region for most of the year, using a combination of trios to win major events.

It's hard to miss the common denominator, here: Reet. When Reet's on your team, you're guaranteed top three if not an outright win.

The controller GOAT pushed the region to new heights this year. I'd love to see what he's able to do in some of the "tougher" Fortnite regions like East and EU.