Jaxon’s Top 5 mid laners of the year

During Worlds 2021, the mid lane position was pretty stacked. As one of the most important roles in League of Legends, the mid laners are always in the spotlight and their responsibilities are different. 
Performing during high pressure moments and decision making are the key factors and we at Jaxon present you with our list of the Top 5 mid laners of 2021: 

1. Heo "ShowMaker" Su

Undoubtedly, ShowMaker has been the best mid laner this year. He was excellent in every aspect of the game and was dominating his opponents on the rift. Despite not winning an international trophy this year, ShowMaker set a level that is hard to reach by anyone, never mind other players in his position. 

2021 was full of ups and downs for DWG KIA. Although they won Spring 2021 without much of a problem, there was a drop in the performance throughout the Summer Split. An obvious reason could be the devastating loss in the MSI finals, where DWG KIA couldn’t lift the trophy, losing to RNG in a five-game spectacle. 

Individually, ShowMaker was great and his consistency was a key for maintaining a top level throughout the whole year. Two LCK titles and two international finals conclude an overall great year for the mid laner. 

2.Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok

An introduction is not needed here. Faker is the G.O.A.T of League of Legends and it would take a lot of blood and sweat to change that fact. Many have come close but no one can reach him. 

After the unsuccessful 2020, this year looked better for Faker & T1. Despite starting slow in Spring 2021, they improved their level and found a playstyle suitable for them in Summer 2021, which allowed them to perform to new heights

Faker’s greatest role for that season has to be the fact that he was able to mentor the young and talented T1 line up, helping them reach the LCK finals and the semifinals of Worlds 2021.

Despite not winning anything this year, Faker played on a high level individually. His highest level of individual performance came during the 2021 LCK Summer playoffs, where he helped T1 reach the finals.

His experience, champion pool, decision making and mentorship qualities are what distinct him from the other players.

3. Lee "Scout" Ye-chan

EDG were considered one of the favorites in the LPL from the start and Scout had an amazing year all around. Although they didn’t win the LPL 2021 Spring Split, it was noticeable that this team had some room for improvement.

During Summer 2021, EDG was able to dominate the LPL alongside FPX, but proved that they were the better team as they beat them during the finals. Scout had a stellar performance in the finals, completely neutralizing Doinb in that series and carrying his team to another title. He also won the playoffs MVP award.

Opposite of what a typical LPL team has – an aggressive playstyle, EDG brought a scaling playstyle to the LPL which proved to be successful.

During Worlds 2021, Scout was consistent and held his ground against the great mid laners that he faced. He was mostly excelling in teamfights, which helped EDG win their first ever World title.

Scout also won the 2021 Worlds Finals MVP, which was another trophy for his crowded trophy cabinet this year.

4. Gwak "Bdd" Bo-seong

Gen.G decided to keep the same roster from 2020 and give it another shot, which was not a bad decision at all. During Spring 2021, Gen.G played in the finals but fell to the unbeatable DWG KIA. As for Summer 2021, the league was closer than ever and Gen.G finished 2nd during the regular split, eventually falling to T1 in the semifinals of the playoffs.

Despite being under a lot of pressure due to the past, Bdd maintained a high level throughout the whole year. Worlds 2021 is where he proved his impact on the game. 

Undeniably, Bdd was the best performing member of Gen.G throughout Worlds 2021. His insane mechanics during the tournament and aggressive playstyle were a joy to watch. Laning was never a problem and he was wining his lane constantly. His Zoe was definitely not something his opponents wanted to face, as he completely dominated everyone on that champion.

Excellent on scaling champions as well, Bdd was able to help Gen.G reach the semifinals of Worlds 2021. Eventually, the team was eliminated by the current World Champion EDG.

5. Marek "Humanoid" Brázda

Though often considered as an underdog, MAD Lions & Humanoid were able to defy expectations domestically and win back-to-back LEC titles.

During Spring 2021, MAD Lions reverse swept Rogue in the LEC finals which saw them attend MSI. Even though they showed great promise, they were eliminated by DWG KIA in the semifinals, which was the furthest a western team got internationally during 2021.

Humanoid was the best European mid laner and he proved it with his achievements and consistency this year. Summer split was worse compared to Spring, but he was still able to win it. Laning and individual performances against the other mid laners in Europe were not an issue for him and he did not face much competition.

On the other hand, internationally Humanoid struggled and couldn’t transition his LEC form to the international stage. Despite that, he was able to stop G2’s dominance in Europe, which is not an easy task at all.