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2021 was an exceptional year for Fortnite. You could even argue that Fortnite is more successful now than it was in 2020.

Now, after a year of building, editing, and watching, we’re into a new chapter. The game feels more exciting than ever.

Here, we’ll take a look back at some of the standout moments of the year.

Epic Games

All-Star Showdown

The All-Star Showdown was arguably the most exciting competitive Fortnite event of the year. At the very least, it was the most unique.

Players from across the globe competed in skills competitions and a solo tournament to crown the first individual “best in the region” since the World Cup.

Hopefully, we see Epic host another All-Star even in 2022.

Epic Games

Rift Tour

Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour was the best in-game event of the year, rivaling even Travis Scott’s Astronomical event from last year.

The Rift Tour was a touch less impressive than Astronomical since we already knew what Epic were capable of.

Still, it’s in my top five of all-time and worth a re-watch if you missed it.

Grand Royale

The Grand Royale was a higher-stakes version of the traditional FNCS.

Other 2021 FNCS competitions were exciting, but the most entertaining of them were the All-Star Showdown and Grand Royale.

The money given away was higher, the points were higher, and everyone had a chance going into day 2.

Pros didn’t like the doubling of points in the second day of competition, but it made viewing the tournament a lot more exciting.

Literally, everyone had a chance on day two, rather than five or six teams blowing everyone out after day one.

Epic Games

The End 2.0

Sequels are never as good as the original, but the Chapter 2 End event came pretty close.

This interactive event introduced The Rock, the motives behind The Seven and IO, and a new map for us to explore.

What’s even better was how Epic handled the new chapter. Instead of another three days of downtime, Epic released Chapter 3 the next day.

Sure, downtime was interesting after Chapter 1, but it would have been played out to do it again. This was the best way to handle another chapter-ending event.

Chapter 3 begins

Fortnite Chapter 2, while interesting and fun in its own right, couldn’t hold a candle to the first era of the game.

It seemed like that magic was lost forever, until Epic flipped the map and we saw what was on the other side.

Chapter 3 Season 1 is the freshest and most entertaining season we’ve seen in a long time. The map is 10x better than Chapter 2’s, which might be the best part of the new chapter.

Although Chapter 3 is still young, the bones of an excellent chapter are there. The meta could use some tweaking, but people are excited to play Fortnite again – the best revelation of the year.

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