Jaxon’s Rookie of the Year: Mira

The young Ukrainian who won The International 10 along with Team Spirits, the CIS underdogs, has been instrumental in his team's success during the entirety of the year, and especially at TI10. Donning the role of a support player, his contributions towards TS' victory have partially gone unnoticed.

Mira had the highest average assists per game at 16.63 during Season 2 of the 2021 DPC EEU Upper Division. Similar to his teammate, Yatoro, Mira's smorgasbord pool of heroes during the DPC as well as TI10 were nothing short of astonishing.

The 22-year-old nobody became a millionaire on the back of solid team play and smart decision-making. His selfless gameplay over the season won countless hearts, his "sacrificial lamb" role created ample space for his cores to farm, and his playmaking abilities especially on Mirana and Snapfire awed the audience.

Mira is silently violent — a characteristic in an individual that keeps quiet and goes on about doing his work — his deadliest weapon. A true master at his art, Mira has performed up to utmost perfection.

There'll be countless pos 1, 2, and 3 players grabbing the spotlight, but seldom does the light reflect on the true backbone of the game — the supports, and aptly so, Mira definitely takes the award for the Rookie of the Year 2021.