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Season 7 was pretty great, but it’s always exciting to see what’s next.

I do a wish list every season, but this one is a bit different – in a good way. Epic have brought some of my normal wishes to the game – like the long overdue preset loadout setting. Of course, I’m not happy with that alone, so let’s beg Epic and wait for our requests to fall on deaf ears.

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Arena rework

I’m going to put this here every season until it happens.

“Competitive” Fortnite is laughible. It’s pubs with siphon, and has been since it came out.

Fortnite was the first Battle Royale to bring a ranked mode to the game, so it was understandible when it wasn’t perfect.

Now, with Apex Legends getting so much attention, it’s clear that there’s a better way to do competitive battle royales. I won’t be happy with anything less than a complete competitive overhaul from Fortnite.

Epic Games

Come back Kevin!

Kevin is one of the most iconic purple cubes in all of gaming.

The origin story and explanation for Kevin has never truly been revealed, but fans expect Epic to give us some satisfying answers. I hope that these begin to roll out in Season 8.

Preliminary leaks for the season state that Kevin will make a return, so my hopes are high that this is a lore-intensive season.

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Old POIs returning

A few seasons ago, some of the Chapter 2 POIs begin popping up on the Chapter 2 map.

Some fans even theorized that we’re actually playing on a past version of the old map – The Loop Theory makes a lot of sense here.

Since then, we’ve been going away from that idea a bit. With The Mothership messing around with a bunch of POIs this season, we can only hope that the likes of Coral Castle will be replaced with fan-favorite Chapter 1 locations.

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Don’t mess with the Shotgun meta

The Season 7 meta was pretty great – if you don’t count the annoying UFOs and some of the more oppressive Alien weapons.

Epic change the meta every season, and will undoubtedly do so in Season 8.

My biggest wish for the new season is that Epic keep the Shotgun meta the same. Tacs and Pumps are the backbone of Fortnite. We don’t need Charge Shotguns, Drum Shotguns, Combat Shotguns, or any other iteration of the standard classics.

I doubt Epic will keep things the same, but I really hope they keep the Pump. The Season 7 Pump is one of the most balanced versions of the weapon we’ve seen, and I’d like to continue to play with it.

Epic Games

So, those are my biggest wishes for Season 8. To be fair, the list is a lot shorter than it has been in the past.

I liked Season 7, and my general wish is that Epic stay the course and don’t change what works.

Unfortunately, that hardly ever happens. All we can do is hope for the best and enjoy the new season excitement before it inevitably disappoints us all. is a leading hub for all things esports and competitive gaming. From Counter-Strike to Valorant, from League of Legends to Dota 2, it's all covered, along with the community news that matters most to gamers.