Jaxon welcomes Apex Legends!

From one legend to another: Welcome, Apex!


I think we’re doing a grand old job of covering some of the greatest games in the world; so much so, that we’d like to add another string to our bow.

My minions and I have been sliding and shooting in our own private server and having a blast - me more than the rest, of course, because I win every time. 1v5.

And then I had the genius thought to start our own tournament for some of the best Apex teams in the world with €3000 out of my own pocket put up for the winner.

I thought about entering myself, but that’s a bit unfair. Even with two of my minions, I’d still smash everyone on my own. My Mirage is a sobering sight.

And that’s not all; we’re going to be covering Apex Legends going forwards so you can stay up to date with another game just by downloading my free app.

You’re welcome! I’m kinda the best.