Jaxon: Splitgate will die a sad death when Halo comes out

Splitgate: the newest flavor of the week. That is, if you’ve been able to brave the hour-plus queue to even get into the game.

I remember when Splitgate first came out. The free-to-play Arena shooter had some promise: Portal meets Halo.

Why then, was it such a flop two years ago. Has the game improved that much over that time?

The answer is: kinda.

Dead game walking

That doesn’t change the game’s fate, though. It’s going to die a sad death when Halo comes out – maybe even before then.

I’m not saying it’s a bad game. It’s not. The problem with the game is that it’s just too similar to Halo.

Sure, you have the unique portal mechanic, but Splitgate has a smaller team, lower budget, and far less momentum behind it.

1047 Games

It might be a hot take, but the only reason Splitgate is popping right now is because people want to play Halo.

CoD sucks, Fortnite and Apex are too hard for these quitters, and the pacing of Valorant isn’t for everyone.

What’s left? Well, Halo, but that’s not out yet. So, as always, you play the next best thing: Splitgate.

1047 Games

I hate to say it, but it seems like the developers don’t even believe that this hype will last.

I don’t know how long it takes to invest in new servers, but the queue times haven’t gone down.

If 1047 Games thought the player base would stay high long-term, wouldn’t they get some new servers online?

Fall Guys, Among Us, Valheim; now, Splitgate. It will have the same fate as all of these other flavor-of-the-week games before it.

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