Jaxon ranks all Fortnite Battle Passes (Season 2 – 17)

Now that every developer in existence utilizes the Battle Pass model, it seems a bit forgotten that Fortnite was the first game to come up with it.

Whatever you think of Battle Passes in every game that’s relevant in 2021, it’s impossible to deny that it’s a more customer-friendly trend than loot boxes were.

Battle Passes in Fortnite have lost their luster a bit. The skins are still creative, but they don’t have the same feeling that the OG Battle Passes gave us.

Nonetheless, I’m going to be objective here, giving you the undisputed, completely correct tier list of all Battle Passes in the history of Fortnite.



Do we really need to debate this one? Chapter 1 Season 2 – the original Battle Pass – deserves S-tier more than any other.

The Marvel season is a controversial one, but I’m a massive Marvel fanboy and think this was one of the better values Fortnite has ever provided in a Battle Pass.

Chapter 1 Season 7 was the first Christmas-themed Battle Pass in Fortnite and it was amazing. I still wear three of the skins from this season regularly, so that’s enough to push it to the S tier.

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Season X nearly made it to S-tier, but the requirements to get these skins were too much. I didn’t have time to complete all of those challenges, and you’re a loser if you did.

C1S3 was another OG Battle Pass. While great, I think it’s a bit overrated since a lot of current players don’t have these skins.

Season 12, while long, is an amazing Battle Pass in retrospect. Midas is one of the best tier-100 skins in existence and Agent Peely gave new players a chance to grab an iconic skin.

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In the “decent” tier, we have Seasons 17, 9, 16, and 15.

Seasons 16 and 17 are hard-carried by crossovers: Superman, Lara Croft, and Rick Sanchez.

Speaking of hard carries, Chapter 2 Season 5 only made it to “decent” on the back of Lexa – one of the more unique BP skins in Fortnite.

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C-tier, or “Meh,” is comprised of older Battle Passes that didn’t stand the test of time.

Other than Peely from Season 7, I don’t wear any of these skins anymore. Even then, I’m only wearing it as a goof.

They were fun when they came out, but quickly got buried in my locker. Very forgettable Battle Passes

Trash Tier

This tier might be a bit controversial, but I’m right.

Chapter 2 Seasons 1 and 3 are the worst Battle Passes in Fortnite.

Aquaman is the worst Battle Pass crossover we’ve seen and Season 1 was one of the more forgettable seasons in all of Fortnite.

Season 3, for its part, seemed like a lamer version of Season 2. Trash tier.

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