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Credit: FromSoftware

Taking you into 2023

Jaxon picks: the 5 best games of 2022

The year isn’t over but gamers have already benefited from playing some titles that are set to define the upcoming decade in video games. We’ve compiled a list of the best games of 2022.

Without further ado, here are the top video games of the year: 

1. Elden Ring

best games of 2022: elden ring

It’s like most of the FromSoftware games that fans have come to love but bigger and better.

In the past, it often seemed like FromSoftware games were a bit of a niche but Elden Ring seems to have changed that. It is the definitive FromSoftware and new generation title. 

2. Horizon Forbidden West

best games of 2022: horizon forbidden west
Sony Interactive Entertainment

A highly anticipated sequel to the beloved original title, Horizon Forbidden West is a highly improved sequel that sees us follow the journey of a more mature Aloy.

The mechanics are a lot smoother, combat is a lot sharper and the side quests are far more enjoyable – which is the biggest plus, slotting this game among the 5 best games of 2022.

3. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 

best games of 2022: xenoblade chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles is an excellent addition to the JRPG saga. The best Nintendo Switch title at the moment, this complex world is littered with fantastic characters and the best combat system that the game has to offer to date.

Like many of the games in recent years, the side quests are truly what makes everything about this world worth exploring. It packs some emotional punches, which is why it’s the stand out title in the Xenoblade universe.  

4. The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

stanley parable ultra deluxe
Galactic Cafe

This is a reimagining of one of the smartest and most unique games of the last decade. This is an interactive adventure full of secrets. Notoriously hard to define, you have to play it to know it. 

5. Sifu

best games of 2022: sifu

It’s been a while since a beat-em-up game has made the cut. Sifu goes back to basics by providing the unbridled joy of a simple but addictive combat-based game.

The game enhances itself with great level design and animation. It’s also got great replay value and is one of the surprise hits of the year. This is gaming at its purest, and this is why it features among the top 5 best games of 2022.   

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