Jaxon Apex Cup Grand Finals: schedule, stream, teams & more

This weekend brings the two-day Grand Finals for the first-ever Jaxon Apex Cup, with the help of Versus Gaming.

Unlike the Group Stage, the Grand Finals will have an official broadcast as you watch some of the best teams in EMEA battle it out for their share of the €3,000 price pool.

Ahead, we have everything you need to know about the event. Make sure to stay tuned into the Jaxon app for live updates and results.

Live Standings Game #12



The Grand Finals will take place over two days to determine the winner – both Saturday and Sunday at 18:00 GMT.

Final/ 1st Half
Date: Feb 12 2022
Time: 18:00 GMT
20 Teams
6 matches

Final/ 2nd Half
Date: Feb 13 2022
Time: 18:00 GMT
20 Teams
6 matches

How to watch

The event will be streamed on the official Versus Gaming Twitch Channel – embedded below.

There will be a brief recap before the event starts and players jump to their preferred landing spots.

Of course, if you prefer, you can watch the PoV of your favorite teams – provided that they’re also streaming the event.

Teams & prizes

After the two semi-final lobbies wrapped-up, there are 20 teams remaining.

These 20 teams will be competing in a single lobby for the Grand Finals to crown the first Jaxon Apex Legends champion:

  • Kungarna
  • GMT
  • Nameless
  • Alliance
  • Uprising
  • K1ck
  • SSD
  • Nemesis
  • Chocolat
  • iG
  • T-Rex
  • NXBlesse
  • 69IQ Esports
  • Speakers of Death
  • Dead Inside
  • Rascals
  • Magicians
  • Madness Fox

Only the top three teams will finish with a prize for this one. 

First place receives €1800, second gets €750, and third gets €450.

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