Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The first-ever Jaxon Apex Legends Cup is in the books with 69IQ taking home the win.

After 12 grueling matches spanning two days, the $3,000 tournament finally has a winner.

We saw some insane performances from a lot of teams in this one, with some of the headlines involving 69IQ, K1ck, GMT, and Alliance.

Here’s a recap of the event, in case you weren’t able to watch.

Standings going into Day 2

GMT pulled ahead with some dominant performances in the first day of the Grand Finals.

After six games, it was a three-horse race between GMT, 69IQ, and Alliance – with the latter two facing an uphill battle.

Versus Gaming

69IQ Esports take home the W

With GMT well in front, the other teams needed to pull out their best gaming to catch up and take the lead.

Well, that’s exactly what 69IQ did.

69IQ took the momentum into day 2, finishing the first day with a win.

The boys hit a stride in the second day, continuing to trend upwards by winning the first two games and pulling away from GMT and Alliance.

Not so fast! GMT wasn’t done quite yet. 

Consistency and experience paid off for GMT. They battled back and retook the lead with a win in game 10.

Going into the final game, GMT was up one point on 69IQ.

Unfortunately, GMT fell early and left the door open for their competitors, who were able to find the final circle, sit inside, and play passively until they secured enough points to win – by only two points.

K1ck, for their part, was able to rally for the win in the final moments to secure third place – stealing it out from Alliance.


So, there you have it. 69IQ won the first-ever Jaxon Apex Cup by only 2 points over GMT.

K1ck was able to rally and secure third. All three teams finish in the money.

Here’s a complete overview of the final results.

Final standings