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We at Jaxon are taking our first step into the Apex Legends community with an official Jaxon Apex Cup hosted by Versus Gaming.

Apex has experienced steady viewership and growth since its initial release in 2019, with the competitive side evolving in each season.

The tournament marks Jaxon’s entry into full coverage of Apex Legends. We’re excited to bring Apex news to our followers, joining the continued success of the game and the community.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Jaxon Apex Cup including the schedule, prize pool, participating teams, and more.

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  • Round 1 | Group A, B, C & D: 18:00 GMT – February 4
  • Round 1 | Group E, F, G & H: 18:00 GMT – February 5
  • Round 2 | Semi Final 1 & 2: 18:00 GMT – February 6
  • Final Day 1: 18:00 GMT – February 12
  • Final Day 2: 18:00 GMT – February 13


Participating teams will be split into eight groups of 20 teams – 60 players per lobby.

The top five from each group will advance to the Semi-Final, split into two groups.

The top 10 from the Semi-Final will advance to the Final, playing 12 games over the course of two days.

Points & prizes

1st – 12 Points
2nd – 9 Points
3rd – 7 Points
4th – 5 Points
5th – 4 Points
6th – 3 Points
7th – 3 Points
8th – 2 Points
9th – 2 Points
10th – 2 Points
11th – 1 Point
12th – 1 Point
13th – 1 Point
14th – 1 Point
15th – 1 Point

Each elimination: 1 point

Versus Gaming

Current standings (after day 1)

After the first six games, GMT has a sizeable lead on the field with 90 total points.

69IQ and Alliance are still within striking distance as the rest of the field plays catchup.

Versus Gaming

How to watch

The Jaxon team will be broadcasting the finals on the Versus Gaming Twitch channel.

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