Credit: Epic Games

Jan 11 hotfix brings Tornadoes, Flare Guns & more to Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is one of the most active that Epic have been in a long time. 

The new chapter has only been out a short time, but we've already seen some major updates to it - much more than we had this time last chapter.

Even better, we know that more major updates will be coming, with Tilted Towers melting in front of our eyes.

Epic Games

Jan 11 hotfix

Hotfixes aren't usually as newsworthy as full-on updates, but the January 11 hotfix brought a plethora of new features to Fortnite.

The island now has dynamic weather, which means lightning strikes and pop-up tornadoes will start appearing around the map.

Tornadoes work the way you'd expect them to, and lightning strikes give players the Chili Pepper effect for a limited time.

Along with the weather updates, Epic unvaulted the Flare Gun - which will be necessary for the week's challenges.

Again, this is likely far from the biggest update of the season, with Tilted Towers expected to melt before its anniversary on January 18.

Chapter 3 Season 1 is one of the best Fortnite seasons of all time, and these constant updates are only adding to that opinion.