It’s time for Vertigo to go

The Major has been fantastic.

From the bizarre levels of energy from the Vitality fans (given their team's recent performances) to nicoodoz hitting some of the most ludicrous noscopes you've ever seen, it's been a joy to behold.


Vertigo gotta go, man

I f*cking hate this map.

Every time there's a great series coming up and I see Vertigo in there, it ruins the hype. While Dust 2 is - objectively - a horrible map, it at least brings cool moments and can be pretty fun to watch.

As long as it's not B hit into save every round.

But Vertigo stinks. It's all smoke bangs, set grenades to stop the plant, post plants round smokes. The A site is a complete shitshow that seems to require more luck than judgement when it comes to timings, spamming the ramp smoke and the sandbags 'mini game' (that amounts to whether or not you believe there's someone in the smoke).

Mid is very linear, as you have only one angle of approach, making it very difficult to deal with off-angles and headshot angles without hitting a super shot.

Even FURIA couldn't make Vertigo fun - but they definitely tried.

The B site has some interesting angles that are unlike other maps, and I actually think the B site is pretty interesting. 

But that's similar to Cobblestone, where one site was a messy, long angle that you had to take some control of on both sides, but didn't always have to use. Mid (or Drop) is pretty hard to take without a lot of resources poured in to it, and the more interesting site gets left mostly alone.

Vertigo has had so many updates now, so many changes, and they can't get it to a spot where people aren't disappointed to play it or watch it.

Ancient has existed in the map pool for half as long and has more merit to it already; Valve need to bite the bullet and admit it ain't gonna happen with Vertigo.