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It’s over: PSG Talon break G2’s 24 game win streak

By defeating G2 Esports, PSG Talon stopped their unique win streak of 24 wins. The teams met in the fifth round of the 2022 MSI Rumble stage and unfortunately, PSG Talon proved to be the final and unbeatable boss for G2.  

 The outstanding achievement that started in the LEC playoffs has ended, but G2 Esports are still holding onto the first position in the standings.

The game was strange, given G2’s standards. They couldn’t force their own game, and the draft was difficult to play. G2 usually opts for teamfight-oriented drafts, but this time was different, and PSG even stole their unique Ornn pick.  

 G2 did have a gold lead, but it never felt like they were ahead. It was clear that PSG were waiting to hit their scaling spikes, and eventually, we saw their team fight power coming to fruition.  

 The last undefeated team at the 2022 MSI has finally fallen, but that is not necessarily bad. A lot of pressure will be lifted off of G2’s should and ultimately, they will be able to play with more freedom.

Following the victory, PSG’s top
laner Hanabi was interviewed by
Laure Valée in a post-game interview, where he shared his thoughts on the win and his team moving forward:


You were the last team standing to take G2 down. What was the preparation against them?


Before this game, we made a full preparation to target on the opponent’s ban picks strategies and we would like to use more strategies in the future to target on the drafts.


Why did you choose the teamfight angle to take down G2?


After the first three picks of G2, I really felt Lissandra could be a super good counter pick against their draft. Then, I was able to choose a very tanky champion for the top lane so the opponent’s team would have a hard time shutting me down.

It felt like our draft was perfect for today’s game.


Focusing on the rest of the Rumble stage, what can we expect from the team moving forward?


After this game, we are going to have the second round with other teams so I think we have to get at least three victories in order to guarantee ourselves in the Knockout stage.

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