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It’s a shame that Dr. Disrespect will never fight anyone

Content Creator boxing is as hot as it's ever been, with iDubbbz Creator Clash just finishing last weekend.

This event was one of the best YouTube boxing cards of all time.

Most of the fights were surprisingly exciting, and I certainly felt like I got my money's worth (I streamed it for free, but it seemed to be worth some amount of money).

Creator Clash

One of the stars of the event was Harley of EpicMealTime. After a docuseries showcasing his training with Sam Hyde, fans were eager to see how he'd perform.

Not only did Harley starch Egoraptor with relative ease, but he cut a promo after the fight to call out fellow big man, Dr Disrespect.

Egoraptor was massively outsized by Harley, and the Doc wouldn't be. "I want to fight someone bigger. I want them to know it's going down," Harley said after the fight. "The Doc, I'm talking to you!"


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Doc's response to Harley

Of course, this couldn't go under The Doc's radar for too long. Doc responded to a donation, asking what he thought about a fight with Harley.

Doc shrugged off the comment, declining to accept or deny a fight with Harley or anyone. "Do we not understand the difference in athletic ability – in terms of footwork, hand-eye coordination, and speed?"

That's about what you'd expect from the 2-time, but it underscores the fact that The Doc won't fight anyone, and it's a shame.


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Should Dr fight someone at this stage in his life? From his perspective, I don't see why it makes sense. I just want to see it.

The sad truth is that Dr. Disrespect will never fight anyone. Why? Because he's a coward.

He's not a coward for combat. I have no idea whether or not he can fight. He's a coward because, in 2022, he's still wearing a fake mullet wig. GROW A REAL MULLET YOU FRAUD!

Mullets are all-the-way in right now. Doc is a million dollar character. Commit.

Doc won't fight because he can't fight in-character. He can't wear a wig in the ring. As long as he avoids growing a REAL mullet, any fight is off the table.

Please, for the love of God, prove me wrong.