It looks like Tilted might not be long for this world

Aww shit... here we go again.

Tilted Towers has only been in Fortnite for a month or so, and we're already talking about an in-game natural disaster that could wipe it out.

Apparently, there are three hotbeds of earthquake activity making a triangle around Tilted.

You know what this means... Tilted is going to be here for another two years.

There's still hope!

If you didn't get the reference, I was talking about the fact that Tilted was notoriously doomed for almost all of Chapter 1.

Tilted was the rumored location of the rocket impact during the first event. After that, it survived countless other events - nearly every one of which had players speculating that Tilted would fall.

Only one building was ever effected before the volcano sealed the deal. 

This is all to say that Tilted being in the path of a natural disaster is nothing new. It could even be an intentional nod from the developers - this wouldn't be the first time they did such a thing.

Epic Games

So, Tilted is in the crosshairs - but it almost always has been and usually that doesn't mean anything.

Will Tilted fall at the end of the season? No idea. 

When you consider both sides, this new earthquake information is nearly the same as no information at all. Just don't be totally surprised if Tilted goes down at the end of Season 1.