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Is there gonna be a Fortnite movie soon?

There have been murmurs of a possible Fortnite movie for a long time now, but could it be closer than we think?

With the money, resources, and partnerships at Epic Games’ disposal, a foray into the film business is certainly on the cards. In fact, it may already have happened…

Last year, it was reported that Epic was considering launching an entertainment division focused on scripted video programming (movies). Around the same time, they hired 3 LucasFilm veterans as part of a new “Special Projects” team.

When you look at Fortnite’s 5-year history, it almost feels like the game has been built with a movie series in mind since day one.

fortnite movie the rock

Who would star in a Fortnite movie?

This is where things get exciting. During Chapter 3, we’ve seen The Foundation and Paradigm unmasked as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Brie Larson respectively.

Potentially more huge movie stars have already been locked in as other members of The Seven.

Epic has the budget to bring on board pretty much whoever they want. Let’s not forget they have connections with a bunch of pop culture icons like LeBron James and Travis Scott too.

So yeah, you can expect the Fortnite movie to have a pretty insane cast!

fortnite movie plot

The Fortnite movie storyline writes itself

Everything that happens in Fortnite is dictated by the central lore, though some diehards would argue that it’s been slacking lately. From live events to Battle Passes and map changes, Epic has a reason for it all.

We’ve seen the Battle Royale Island travel through time and even flip upside down. Jonesy’s been on a hell of a journey, and war has raged between the IO and The Seven.

There’s already enough content out there for a full Fortnite movie franchise, either based on the main storyline or individual characters.

With rumours flying that Season 4 could be the end of Chapter 3, perhaps it’s time to start stocking up on popcorn.

fortnite movie collabs

Killer collabs

Here’s why a Fortnite movie could be so special.

Characters from Marvel, DC, Naruto, and Dragon Ball Z all exist peacefully together inside Fortnite. If Epic makes this happen on the silver screen, it would be magic!

The entertainment metaverse they’re building creates endless possibilities for collaboration between the world’s biggest brands – at a scale we’ve never seen before.

No there’s still no official announcement. But I think there’ll be a Fortnite movie in theaters before the end of 2024.

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