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Killed off?

Is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League still getting new DLC?

Few games have generated as much of a mixed response as the recently-released Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Could that mixed response be so powerful as to threaten the game’s planned DLC updates?

DLC has long been in the plans for the new Suicide Squad game. Ever since the intention to treat the game as a “live service” was made clear by publishers at Warner Bros. Discovery, a steady stream of DLC was easy to assume. DLC announcements quickly followed, promising both new and classic characters being made available for play.

But with executives at Warner now admitting publicly that the game isn’t meeting expectations, could plans already be changing?

Rocksteady still planning on releasing first season of Suicide Squad DLC

For now, it seems that developer Rocksteady remains committed to the release of the first season of DLC for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. This is despite a deluge of poor reviews, hostile fan sentiment, and low player counts.

Some had been raising flags about the game’s potential issues months prior to its actual release, but the state of the game was first made clear when it was panned by critics almost universally. The game’s combined rating of 60 on OpenCritic is among the lowest you’ll find for any AAA video game release, marking the title as an abject disaster.

This is to say nothing of early access problems the first wave of players encountered, players taking issue with the game’s story and question design, and player-count numbers on Steam that immediately dropped down to figures that could never sustain a live-service game of this size.

Still with so much DLC already announced, and seemingly developed, it’s very unlikely that Rocksteady would pull the plug immediately. Classic DC villain Joker is among the first DLC drops expected for Suicide Squad and it stands to reason that the game’s backers would at least like to see that go through.

As far as DLC beyond the first season of content already announced, the few remaining fans of the game may not want to get their hopes too far up.

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