The streaming world was ablaze yesterday an image of a billboard showing missing streamers, Daequan and Hamlinz, went viral.

Multiple news outlets covered the story, and noted that the billboard pointed to a YouTube page with an official banner showing the same image.

The photos of the two streamers looked both professional and recent, leading to speculation that the two would soon return to the internet after their long hiatus.


Daequan, Hamlinz, and fellow missing TSM member OPscT, all tweeted for the first time in over a year, “👀.” We all know what that means.

Today, Daequan all but confirmed that he and Hamlinz were behind the billboard and YouTube page, tweeting a link to the YouTube live stream of the billboard.

Most people assumed this much, but the next tweet was pretty surprising. NRG – not TSM – tweeted an image, claiming they had found the two streamers.

They revealed that the blurred image on their shirts was TSM, and teased an announcement at 1:00 PM PST on August 26, saying, “NRG is thoomin.”

This might be the biggest twist of all, as all three missing streamers still have TSM in their @s.

They’ve been public about their reasons for departing the internet, but never mentioned TSM as one of them.

Most Fortnite fans will remember Myth, Daequan, and Hamlinz as members of the original TSM competitive Fortnite squad. It would be shocking to see them return under another three-letter organization, but I’m down for it.

UPDATE: Shortly after publication, the NRG squad, lead by a masked Hamlinz and Daequan, smashed the window of the livestream van and revealed that they’re back under the NRG banner. The Find the Streamers channel then changed the NRG Thoom House and ended the broadcast.

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