Credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

“Int”Perfection: Thebaus reaches challenger in South Korea

Popular League of Legends streamer and Sion main “Thebausffs” has reached Challenger in one of the most prestigious servers in the World. The Sion prodigy has earned his place amongst the best and we can’t say that it didn’t require some “inting.” 
Thebaus has played a total of 374 ranked games in Korea as of Aprl 25, 2022; unsurprisingly, most of those games (274) have been on Sion. He is getting banned quite a lot in South Korea, probably because of the “dying” Sion rumors that are spreading fast within the server. 

“There it is guys!” he said. “Nobody thought I could do it, nobody believed in me. The only ones that believed in me were my dedicated viewers, no one else thought I could do it. They all doubted me, look at me now.”

“Easy! It’s too easy!” – Thebausffs, 2022

The player didn’t hide his emotion in this legendary moment:

he popular streamer moved to South Korea on April 1
st together with other popular names such as Midbeast and TFBlade. Despite not having the best KDA, especially with Sion (1:1), his dedication was unrivaled, and he achieved his goal: reaching Challenger in the most competitive League of Legends server in the world. 

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