Imagine being Battlefield

Memes aside, it's a good time to be an FPS player. Warzone, Fortnite, and Apex are getting massive updates, Battlefield 2042 is almost here for everyone, Halo just released a free multiplayer from the clouds, and Vanguard is a video game.

Out of all of the recent/upcoming releases, it seems pretty clear that Battlefield is getting the short end of the stick. They're getting absolutely destroyed by timing, and it seems intentional.

Think about it. Braindead CoD fanboys are going to play whatever reskinned, uninspired game Activision Blizzard put in front of them. Halo players have been itching for a true return to the franchise for years, and Battlefield... well... Battlefield is getting shafted pretty hard.

A tragedy of quality and timing

Battlefield and Halo players are in the same boat. They've both been waiting for a game that brings them back to why they love their respective franchises.

So far, it seems like Halo delivers on that. This is a back-to-basics Halo free multiplayer that feels as exciting as it does familiar.

Battlefield, on the other hand, is a Battle Royale. Yes, there are other game modes, but it's clear that they put the most effort into their BR - rumors have it that the original Battlefield 2042 was a BR-only.

The large-scale warfare of the new Battlefield actually seems to be the weakest mode of them all, which is the hallmark BF experience. Yikes.

Halo is giving fans what they want while Battlefield is trying something new. This wouldn't be a huge deal in a vacuum, but Halo dropped a surprise multiplayer release between the early access for Battlefield and the full game. The timing couldn't be worse for the BF gang.

 Battlefield die-hards will still play their game, but any casual who was on the fence will undoubtedly choose Halo - a free and familiar multiplayer experience.

Imagine being Battlefield right now. You just put out a far superior product when compared to Vanguard - which is little more than a mini-game used to level up guns for Warzone. You had about a month to make improvements and establish a player base before Halo comes out, and then Halo drops their new game in your face.

Oof. Big oof for the Battlefielders in the crowd.