Apex Legends Season 13

Different strokes

If you like Apex Legends, you need to try these games

Apex Legends has plenty to like from its fast-paced movement to character-based abilities, but it’s not the only game of its kind.

Respawn hit the jackpot with Apex Legends when it first dropped in 2019. The squad-based battle royale immediately gained a following thanks to its unique blend of precise gunplay and blazing movement. It’s hard to find the same mix in other games, but a few titles can scratch the itch.

We’ve assembled a short list of three games like Apex Legends to try out between rounds in the arena.

The Final is an awesome Apex alternative

If players only want a small change from Apex, there is no substitute for The Finals. The games are extremely similar, both being battle royales with an emphasis on movement. The Finals features tons of vertical space. Players are free to fight from the street or the tops of skyscrapers, which are frequently destructible. There’s even a simple class system featuring teams of three, so the whole Apex squad can smoothly transition.

The Finals cashout

Games in The Finals feel a lot like Apex with the key difference being objectives and respawns. While Apex’s goal is to be the last Legends standing, The Finals is a repeating king of the hill with multiple objectives. Take and hold a Cashout Station to rack up points as the timer runs out. Dead players respawn after a short delay instead of requiring a beacon run. Fights are fast, players are faster, and 

Naraka: Bladepoint is one of the best games like Apex

If the classic battle royale experience is a must, there are plenty of unorthodox picks to try out. Naraka: Bladepoint is one such option. The melee-focused action game has 17 named characters, each with their own unique fighting style. Players then customize their pick with a set of skills to suit their play style.

Naraka: Bladepoint combat

Unlike most battle royales, Naraka’s combat is almost entirely focused on melee. Players get up close and personal in one-on-one duels or savage team fights where ganging up is the optimal strategy. Movement outside of combat is swift, and buildings and trees are movement tools rather than obstacles. The freeform movement and stellar graphics combine to make Naraka: Bladepoint a great alternative to Apex.

Ultrakill is a singleplayer game like Apex Legends

Ultrakill is quite different from the other titles on this list, but it still has quite a bit in common with Apex Legends. While not as diverse as Apex, Ultrakill characters are charming and memorable with lots of quotable dialogue. The indie shooter features a wide variety of weapons and several lightning-fast movement options.  Players whose favorite part of Apex Legends games is sliding around at breakneck speed will probably like Ultrakill for its movement alone.

Ultrakill singleplayer games like Apex Legends

Of course, the biggest difference is that Ultrakill is a solo experience. Players control a robot as it tears through the depths of hell fighting against angels, demons, and everything in between. The story is relatively straightforward as the game is almost entirely focused on movement and gunplay. If grinders want some games like Apex Legends to play when their squad is offline, Ultrakill is worth investigating.

Kenneth Williams is an experienced esports journalist with an affinity for Counter-Strike 2 and Dota 2. Starting as a commentator, Kenneth moved on to writing for a variety of publications including WIN.gg, esports.gg, and Dexerto. He loves bouncing between the rush of a new competitive release and honing his skills in games as old as he is. When not writing, he tries to find time for fighting game tournaments and Dota 2 draft leagues.