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“If we had LS last year, we would’ve won Worlds!” – is Perkz joining the Church of LS?

How do you get the greatest Western League of Legends player of all time to acknowledge a draft? Draft your heart out. No, GrabbZ, as much as we miss the Pyke flex, we don’t mean “that kind of drafting.”

Meet pro player and possible Church of LS member Luka “Perkz” Perkovic.

“True that, Perkz. True that.” – Elliott Griffiths of Jaxon, probably.

LS watched the world burn when Cloud9 picked Ivern and Soraka in Week 1, then Zilean in Week 2 (is Bjergsen proud of Fudge’s performance?), and he would have done damage in the jungle if Blaber handled Karthus properly against Team Liquid (he didn’t, and it was horrible to watch).

These picks among others have made a strong impression in the LCS fanbase and across Western League of Legends audiences. Even the GOAT himself, Faker, thinks Soraka mid is broken. Get on the program.


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We’re on the same wavelength as Caedrel on this one, that’s for sure: LS’s drafting and Cloud9’s overall performance has been a breath of fresh air and a source of enlightenment for LoL fans across the world, specifically in the west where creativity has lacked since G2’s flex Pyke days in 2019.

That said, what does his friend and old coach, mithy, think of his tweet? One can only speculate.