Fortnite SEason 8

If we don’t see major Arena changes in Season 8, we never will

Fortnite Season 8, from a content perspective, is about the best that you can hope for in a modern Fortnite season.

Sure, the map didn’t change too much, but we can’t expect every season to bring a ton of updates to the game. We shouldn’t be too far away from a brand new map, so at least that’s on the horizon.

For competitive players, the new season is fantastic. The competitive meta is exactly where a lot of players want it, following another above-average competitive season in Season 7.

Epic Games

Epic have been promising changes to the Arena system in Season 8, which are long overdue. Arena is hardly “competitive.” It’s far too easy to reach Champion’s League – the top level in the game – and Epic only made it easier in Season 7.

Now, Epic have confirmed that they’ll be making changes to the competitive side of the game, starting with Arena Fills that were just announced this week. It’s a decent start, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

With the new competitive season starting on September 28, I won’t accept anything less than sweeping changes to the outdated Arena system. If we don’t get them now, then we may never get them.

I’m not going to fault Epic for trying something new and failing. I’ll fault them if they try to play it safe and don’t change enough.

Right now, the biggest problem is probably the ease at which players reach Champion’s League. Any decent player who wants to put in the effort can make it to the highest level of Fortnite, which shouldn’t be a thing.

I’ve been hard-stuck in Valorant for months. It doesn’t matter how much I play, I’ll never reach Immortal  or Radiant. Shouldn’t that be the case in an competitive game?

We’ll check back in after the 28th, but I’m drawing a line in the sand. If Epic don’t, at the very least, try to do something drastic, then “competitive” Fortnite will likely remain in quotations for the lifespan of the game.

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