IEM Summer – VP smack NiP to slide into playoffs + more!

VP dominated NiP in the final map of the day, as the playoff teams were confirmed at IEM Summer.

A 14-1 half from VP on Overpass was, perhaps unsurprisingly, unsurmountable as the CIS outfit got the best of the Swedes (+ one Dane).


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It was an interesting first outing for LNZ, who showed himself to be a solid member of the team - but it wasn't enough to transform NiP into title contenders just yet.

The 'G' derby

EG and OG locked horns for the title of the real 'G' team, with Aleksib's men coming out on top. 

Though the NA team pulled off a monster comeback on Dust 2, OG were dominant on map two and three to guarantee a semi-final spot.

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Vitality were moved into the lower bracket by G2, who looked incredibly convincing as they clapped Vitality.

Turns out two Frenchmen is better than five.


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misutaa is starting to look like a top class player, but it's not enough for Vitality to look like a top class team.