Credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

ICYMI: Watch your favorite pros and streamers play off-role for Ukrainian relief!

The world has been going through hard times lately, especially as Russia waged war on Ukraine. However, it also allowed people to rally in support of an oppressed nation.

SK Gaming is taking it further: beyond voicing its support alongside many other teams, the organization has organized a series of off-role showmatches for charity, with the proceeds going to

As for the teams, we have taken the time to speculate as to their off-roles. Here is how it might go for some select players:

  • Treatz: not allowed to play support or jungle. At least, his fate is better than Pabu’s.
  • Is “not playing Nocturne mid” an offrole for Vedius?
  • Playing strong-side top lane should count as an offrole for Odoamne, and I will not hear any argument to the contrary
  • I, for one, await the return of Australian 1v1 legend Pabu. But he’s probably headed in the bot lane where, as we all know, 1v1 is king. /s
  • Also, I am somehow hearing clocks and an old man in my head saying: “I knew you would do that!” Also, laser beams, be them light-filled or eerily purple. Not sure why. Honest.
  • Karthus bans will fly against Team C.


  • Imagine if Kikis was playing in this event: that would be a guaranteed AD carry for any team, if only because he has played every other role competitively.


No matter what happens, fun and support for a good cause await starting 8 p.m. CET on caster Georgia "Troubleinc" Paras's stream.