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-Dust 2 +Anubis

HUGE CSGO update – Dust 2 OUT, Anubis IN

It’s been a while since there’s been a major CSGO update. With the CT meta at an all-time peak because of the strengths of the M4A1-S over the M4A4, and the map pool becoming stale, it felt like time for Valve to make considerable changes to the game.

Considerable changes have now finally been made, and they’ll be sure to shake up the game massively over the coming months.

Is this a troll update for CSGO?

It all started when the CSGO official Twitter account tweeted out bait earlier on in the day. A simple tweet reading: “Quick, someone reply with a good “Anubis” pun.” was posted, instantly sparking discussions with fans that the map’s addition to the map pool was imminent.

Anubis, one of the more popular competitive maps outside of the Active map pool, has been added to CSGO’s active duty pool. The map it replaces? The iconic Dust 2.

But is that a good thing? CSGO had become somewhat stale recently in terms of its map tool, which is one of the main things this update will address. Dust 2 was also the worst map in the pool, something which was reflected within prop play too, it was only played twice at the IEM Rio 2022 Major.

Not just that, but Dust 2 itself had become stale. While every other map revolves around constantly evolving metas and innovations, Dust 2 was void of that. Completely lacking in tactical depth, it had long felt time that Counter-Strike’s most iconic map should be taken out of active duty.

With all that in mind, however, we’re not fully convinced this is a good change. With maps like Train, Cache, and Tuscan all available, many fans are questioning why Anubis was the choice to be added. questions are reasonable too, despite multiple updates, the map still feels like it’s in a poor state for competitive pay at Gold Nova level, let alone elite players.

Feeling more like a VALORANT map than one that should ever be present in CSGO, Anubis is a tangled map of messy angles and sightlines. You can’t help but feel like CSGO’s devs were trolling when they decided Anubis would be the map to enter.

Fortunately, that is where the bad parts of the new CSGO update end. Also changed was the AWP, which has had its magazine size reduced from 10 to five.

Let’s face it, the AWP is the easiest gun in the game, so making it so that actually hitting the shots count for more is a great change. Top-level AWPers may struggle sometimes against other top teams, but it doesn’t change the fact that the gun has never needed to have 10 bullets. Not thinking this is a good change is infantile.

Even if you don’t like the update, it’s at least somewhat amusing that the gun has been nerfed a day after Kenny “kennyS” Schrub officially returned to the game with his debut on Falcons. Hopefully, they’ll stop posting this awful highlight now.

The final notable change is to the M4A1-S. Previous patches had attempted to nerf the gun, which has long been seen as OP, by reducing its magazine size. That change proved to be minimal in its impact, however, with most players still opting to go for the A1-S due to its damage and cheaper price in-game.

The new update to the M4A1-S in CSGO does affect its damage, however, and many fans will be hoping that upon further testing it will prove that using the A4 is viable in certain cultures.

It’s unclear yet as to when Anubis will be entering the map pool for pro events, so you’ll have to keep your eye out for that.

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